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Để học và nhớ từ vựng tiếng Anh một cách hiệu quả, người học cần biết cách sử dụng như đặt câu, viết thành đoạn... trong những ngữ cảnh cụ thể. Chính vì vậy, tách riêng những từ vựng có tính liên kết thành từng nhóm chủ đề riêng biệt là cách học được khuyên dùng khi luyện thi IELTS. 

Trong bài viết này, Pasal sẽ tổng hợp cho bạn những từ vựng IELTS Speaking hay nhất theo từng chủ đề để bạn có sự chuẩn bị tốt nhất cho phần thi này nhé.

I. Accommodation

1. Câu hỏi: Do you live in a house or an apartment?

- Trả lời:  Actually I live on campus … in a single room in halls of residence … all first year students are encouraged to do that as they’re close to the university … next year I plan to move into student digs in town …

  • to live on campus: to live on the university or college grounds

  • hall of residence: a college or university building where students live

  • single room: a room for one person

  • student digs: student accommodation

2. Câu hỏi:  Tell me about where you live.

- Trả lời: I live with my parents in the suburbs of Madrid … we only moved in recently … in fact we had a house-warming party just a few weeks ago …

  • the suburbs: a residential area on the edge of towns or cities

  • to move into: to begin to live in a property

  • house-warming party: a party to celebrate moving into a new home

3. Câu hỏi: What kind of accommodation do most people live in in your city?

- Trả lời: In the city itself the majority of people live in apartment blocks … that’s what surprised me about England … most people seem to live in terraced houses with lovely back gardens …

  • terraced house: a house connected on both sides by other properties

  • apartment block: a large building made up of smaller units of apartments

  • back garden: a garden at the rear of the house

Tải bản full từ vựng Accommodation tại đây: 

II. Books and Films

1. Câu hỏi: Do you like to read books?

- Trả lời: Yes … I love reading … I like nothing more than to be engrossed in a good book … I regularly take out books from the library and usually read them from cover to cover in no time … and I can’t go to sleep at night without some good bedtime reading …

  • to be engrossed in: to be completely focused on one thing

  • bedtime reading: something to read in bed before you go to sleep

  • to take out (a book from the library): to borrow a book from the library

  • to read something from cover to cover: read a book from the first page to the last

2. Câu hỏi: How often do you go to the cinema?

- Trả lời: Unfortunately we don’t have a cinema near us so we have to go into the nearest town to catch the latest movie … I usually avoid seeing popular box-office hits which I’m not always keen on seeing … I prefer low-budget films … sci-fi especially … and there’s a great cinema I go to that has frequent showings of films like these …

  • showings: performances of a film

  • a low budget film: a film made with a small amount of money

  • a box office hit: a financially successful film

  • sci-fi: science fiction

  • to catch the latest movie: to see a film that has just come out

3. Câu hỏi: Do you prefer reading books or watching films?

- Trả lời: I’m not really a big reader … I find books quite heavy-going … so I much prefer to see a film … perhaps it’s the special effects or the soundtrack … I don’t know … I just prefer a film …

  • to be a big reader: someone who reads a lot

  • to be heavy-going: difficult to read

  • special effects: the visuals or sounds that are added to a film which are difficult to produce naturally

  • soundtrack: the music that accompanies a film

Tải bản full từ vựng Books and Films tại đây:

III. Business

1. Câu hỏi: Do you work or are you a student?

- Trả lời: I run my own business actually … I have an online business selling cosmetics … I set up the business 5 years ago and I’m really enjoying working for myself …

  • to run your own business: to have a business of your own

  • to set up a business: to start a business

  • to work for yourself: (see ‘to be self-employed’)

2. Câu hỏi: What is your ideal job?

Trả lời: I don’t think I’d enjoy working for a big company … I think I’d like to go it alone and be self-employed … I’m not sure what area of business it would be but I think I’d enjoy the process of drawing up a business plan and seeing if I could be successful …

  • to draw up a business plan: to write a plan for a new business

  • to be self-employed: to work for yourself/to not work for an employer

  • to go it alone: to start your own business

3. Câu hỏi: Is your town a nice place to live?

- Trả lời: It’s OK … the main problem we have is our local high street … it used to be a busy centre but lots of shops have gone bust … it must be very difficult to make a profit when you have huge supermarkets in the area and a lot haven’t been able to survive with such cut-throat competition …

  • cut throat competition: when one company lowers its prices, forcing other companies to do the same, sometimes to a point where business becomes unprofitable

  • to go bust: when a business is forced to close because it is unsuccessful

  • to make a profit: to earn more money than it costs to run the business

Tải bản full từ vựng Business tại đây:

IV. Education

1. Câu hỏi: Are you studying English at a school?

Trả lời: Yes … I’m taking an intensive course at a local private language school … I attend classes three times a week …

  • to attend classes: to go to classes

  • private language school: an independent school run as a business concern

  • an intensive course: a course that offers lots of training in order to reach a goal in as short a time as possible

2. Câu hỏi: Would you say you are a good student?

- Trả lời:  I’m OK I think … I’m pretty good at meeting deadlines and I’m keeping up with my studies … plus I find it quite easy to learn things by heart which is useful when learning a language  …

  • to meet a deadline: to finish a job or task in the time allowed or agreed

  • to keep up with your studies: to not fall behind

  • to learn something by heart: to memorize it

3. Câu hỏi:  When you were younger did you enjoy your time at school?

Trả lời: Yes … I liked school … it was an ordinary state school … nothing special … a single-sex school … which I’m not sure I liked … but the teachers were great … I had lots of friends and I never played truant like some pupils there …

  • a single-sex school: a school where only boys or girls attend (as opposed to a mixed-sex school)

  • state school: a school paid for by public funds and available to the general public

  • to play truant: to stay away from classes without permission

Tải bản full từ vựng Education tại đây:

V. Fashion & Clothes

1. Câu hỏi: Do you enjoy buying clothes?

- Trả lời: I used to … yes … like most young people I was a bit of a slave to fashion and I’d always have to buy that must-have shirt or pair of shoes … I’m not so bothered now though … I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing something old fashioned but I’m not as bothered as I used to be about what I wear …

  • a slave to fashion: someone who always feel the need to wear the latest fashions

  • old fashioned: not in fashion any more

  • must-have: something that is highly fashionable and therefore in demand

2. Câu hỏi: What kind of clothes do you like to wear?

- Trả lời: I prefer casual clothes actually … I hate getting dressed up for special occasions … personally I think it’s possible to look good in a pair of jeans … but that’s my opinion … I don’t think my wife would call me a fashion icon that’s for sure …

  • casual clothes: not formal

  • to get dressed up: to put on nice clothes, often to go out somewhere special

  • to look good in: to wear something that suits you

  • fashion icon: a person who is famous for their sense of fashion

3. Câu hỏi:  Are there many clothes shops where you live?

Trả lời: Yes … there are lots in my town … apart from the big chain stores we’ve got a couple of really nice shops that sell vintage clothes … old clothes but in a classic style that never really go out of fashion … I love going there …

  • vintage clothes: clothes from an earlier period

  • classic style: a simple, traditional style that is always fashionable

  • to go out of fashion: to not be in fashion any more

Tải bản full từ vựng Fashion & Clothes tại đây:

VI. Food

1. Câu hỏi: Do you like to cook?

Trả lời: Not really no  … most of the time I eat ready meals and take-aways … that’s one of the reasons I love visiting my mum … you can always guarantee lovely home-cooked food …

  • a ready meal: see ‘processed food’

  • a take away: a cooked meal prepared in a restaurant and eaten at home

  • me-cooked food: food cooked at home from individual ingredients

2. Câu hỏi: What time do you usually eat dinner?

Trả lời: We have our main meal at around 7.00 … I’m usually starving hungry by then … in fact I often grab a bite to eat as soon as I get home from college … a sandwich perhaps … but not too much to spoil my appetite …

  • the main meal:  the most important meal of the day, usually eaten in the evening

  • to grab a bite to eat: to eat something quickly (when you’re in a rush)

  • to spoil your appetite: to est something that will stop you feeling hungry when it’s meal-time.

  • to be starving hungry: an exaggerated way of saying you are very hungry

3. Câu hỏi: Are there any types of food you don’t like?

Trả lời: No not really … I’m not a fussy eater at all … actually I eat like a horse … I do a lot of sport and work up quite an appetite …

  • to eat like a horse: to eat a lot

  • a fussy eater: somebody who has their own very high standards about what to eat

  • to work up an appetite: to do physical work that leads to you becoming hungry

Tải bản full từ vựng Food tại đây:

VII. Health

1. Câu hỏi: Have you got a relation you’re particularly fond of?

Trả lời:  Yes … my granddad … he’s 94 years old but generally he’s as fit as a fiddle … we’re very close and see each other a lot … whenever he goes down with a cold or is under the weather I make a point of visiting him …

  • to go down with a cold: to become ill

  • as fit as a fiddle: to be very healthy

  • to be under the weather: (informal) to not feel well

2. Câu hỏi: Do you do any sport?

Trả lời: Yes … I’m keen on skateboarding … but I haven’t done it for a while … I had a bad fall recently and pulled a muscle and had a few cuts and bruises … but I’m on the mend and hope to be doing it again soon …

  • cuts and bruises: minor injuries

  • to be on the mend: to be recovering after an illness

  • to pull a muscle: to strain a muscle

3. Câu hỏi: Is there anything you’re particularly afraid of?

Trả lời: The dentist … I hate going to the dentist … I only ever go if I have a toothache so it usually means I have to have a filling or even have a tooth out … I really don’t like it …

  • to have a filling: to have a tooth repaired

  • to have a tooth out: to have a tooth removed

Tải bản full từ vựng Health tại đây:

VIII. Holiday

1. Câu hỏi: What kind of holiday do you like?

Trả lời: I try to avoid tourist traps … I like to get away from it all and prefer going somewhere off the beaten track … last year I had the holiday of a lifetime … a two week wildlife safari in Kenya.

  • tourist trap: somewhere where too many tourists go

  • to get away from it all: to take a holiday to escape a busy or stressful lifestyle

  • wildlife safari: a holiday, often in Africa, to observe wild animals

  • holiday of a lifetime: a special holiday that you are unlikely to repeat

2. Câu hỏi: What do you like to do when you’re on holiday?

Trả lời: I enjoy visiting the local places of interest … I like to go sightseeing and always sign up for guided tours as it’s a chance to be shown around and take photographs … one of my hobbies

  • to go sightseeing:  to look around the tourist sites

  • places of interest: sites of interest to tourists

  •  guided tour: an organised group shown around a place of interest by an exper

3. Câu hỏi: Do you have many tourists in your country?

Trả lời: Yes … we have a lot of holiday resorts along the coast that are popular with tourists … most people come on package holidays and stay in one of the many hotels and self-catering apartments.

  • holiday resort: a place where lots of people go for a holiday

  • all-in package/package holiday: a holiday where you purchase the travel and accommodation together

  • self-catering: a holiday where you supply your own food

Tải bản full từ vựng Holiday tại đây:

IX. Music

1. Câu hỏi: What kind of music do you listen to?

Trả lời: I’m a big fan of classical music … it doesn’t make me very popular with my children… their taste in music is completely different … they always want to listen to their favourite rock bands …

  • classical music: music that is regarded as part of a long, formal tradition

  • taste in music: the music someone likes

  • a rock band: a group of musicians that play rock music

2. Câu hỏi: Do you play any instruments?

Trả lời: No I don’t … I’ve always wished I’d taken up a musical instrument … I’d love to be able to play the guitar … but I think I’m a bit tone deaf so perhaps I’d find it hard …

  • to take up a musical instrument: to begin learning a musical instrument

  • to be tone deaf: to be unable to distinguish the different notes in music

3. Câu hỏi: Have you got any hobbies or interests?

Trả lời: I’m really into live music … I go to a lot of music festivals … I think a live performance always sounds more exciting than a recorded version … as long as the performers can sing and play well of course …

  • live music: music that is listened to while it is performed (not recorded)

  • live performance: (see live music)

  • a music festival: music performances at a venue often over several days

Tải bản full từ vựng Music tại đây:

X. Personality

1. Câu hỏi: How would you describe yourself?

Trả lời: Everyone tells me I take after my mum as I’m quite laid-back … I think I’m good company but you should ask my friends if they agree …

  • laid-back: see ‘easy-going’

  • good company: enjoyable to socialise with

  • to take after: to be like (often another member of the family)

2. Câu hỏi: In which ways are you similar to your friends?

Trả lời: I seem to be attracted to introverts … not people who are painfully shy but most of my friends are a little reserved … and I think that’s what I’m like …

  • introvert: someone who is shy

  • painfully shy: very shy

  • reserved: shy

3. Câu hỏi: Are you similar or different to your brother(s)/sister(s)?

Trả lời: I think my brother and I are very similar … I’d say we’re fun-loving and tend to be a bit extroverted … my brother is certainly the life and soul of the party … I’m not sure that applies to me …

  • fun-loving: to enjoy having fun

  • extrovert: an energetic person who likes the company of others

  • to be the life and soul of the party: a fun person, someone who is the centre of activity

Tải bản full từ vựng Personality tại đây:

XI. Physical Appearance

1. Câu hỏi: Do you look like any other people in your family?

- Trả lời: No … not at all … take my brother for example … he has short cropped hair and has quite a pointed face … he’s also quite fair-skinned compared to me …

  • cropped hair: very short hair

  • to be fair-skinned: light skinned

  • pointed face: the opposite of a round face

2. Câu hỏi: Tell me about your family?

Trả lời: My father’s getting on a bit … he’s in his 60s … but he looks very young for his age … he still does lots of exercise and is quite well-built …

  • to be getting on a bit: to be getting old

  • in his/her 30s/40s: to be 20/30 something

  • to be well-built: to be muscular

  • to look young for your age: to look younger than you are

3. Câu hỏi: What does your best friend look like?

Trả lời: She’s the same age as me … she has shoulder-length hair … fair hair … she has a slim figure and is medium height …

  • fair hair: light-coloured hair

  • medium height: average height

  • slim figure: attractively thin

  • shoulder-length hair: hair that comes down to the shoulders and no further

Tải bản full từ vựng Physical Appearance tại đây:

XII. Relationship

1. Câu hỏi: Do you see your friends very often?

- Trả lời: Yes … we meet up most weekends … we all get on really well and have a lot in common so we’re always happy doing the same things and going to the same places.

  • to get on well with: to understand someone and enjoy similar interests

  • to have a lot in common: to share similar interests

2. Câu hỏi: What do you like about your close friends?

- Trả lời: I think we enjoy each other’s company … we see eye-to-eye on most things so we rarely fall out with each other.

  • to enjoy someone’s company: to like spending time with someone

  • to fall out with: to have a disagreement and stop being friends

  • to see eye to eye: to agree on a subject

3. Câu hỏi: Have you known each other long?

- Trả lời: Most of them yes … although my closest friend Carrie … we struck up a relationship at college and got on like a house on fire … but yes … my other friendships go back years to when we were at school.

  • to get on like a house on fire: to like someone’s company very much indeed

  • to strike up a relationship:  to begin a friendship

  • to go back years: to have known someone for a long time

Tải bản full từ vựng Relationship tại đây:

XIII. Sport

1. Câu hỏi: Do you do any sports?

- Trả lời: Not really … no … I always say I’m going to take up exercise and try to get into shape but I never seem to get started … I sometimes wonder whether  I should get a personal trainer … someone who will sort out a fitness programme for me and make me train hard ….

  • a fitness programme: a schedule of activities to keep fit

  • to get into shape: to become fit

  • a personal trainer: a sports coach that helps you on a one-to-one basis

  • to take up exercise: to start doing exercise

  • to train hard: to train with a lot of effort

2. Câu hỏi: How do you spend a typical weekend?

- Trả lời: I’m a big football fan and weekends always centre around a football match … I support FC Utrecht and have a season ticket so I go to most of the home games and quite a few of the away games too  … I’m really looking forward to the new football season starting soon …

  • a football fan: someone who likes football

  • a football match: a game of football

  • a football season: a period in the year when football is played

  • a season ticket: a ticket that gives you entry to most of a team’s home games during the sporting year.

  • an away game: a football match played in the opposing teams stadium

  • a home game:  a football match played in the teams own stadium

3. Câu hỏi: Have you got any hobbies or interests?

- Trả lời:  Yes … I’m really keen on sports … I do judo once a week and play tennis in the summer … I think it’s really important to keep fit … it makes you feel good and energised for work and your studies ….

  • to do judo: (not go or play)

  • to keep fit: to stay in good physically condition

  • to play tennis/football: (not do or go)

Tải bản full từ vựng Sport tại đây:

XIV. Technology

1. Câu hỏi: Do you enjoy using technology?

- Trả lời: Well … I wouldn’t call myself a techie or a computer buff but I enjoy using computers … I’d like to find out more about  how they work … when my computer crashes I never know what to do.

  • a computer buff: an expert computer user

  • a techie: somebody who has an interest in technology

  • to crash: to suddenly stop working

2. Câu hỏi: Do you use the Internet for your studies?

- Trả lời: Yes … I’d be lost without it … I do lots of video conferencing to practise speaking and social media like Facebook is a good way to meet up with other students … and I download podcasts that teach English vocabulary and grammar.

  • video conferencing: to see and hear people from different locations using the Internet

  • social media: media used to interact with other people such as Facebook or Twitter

  • download (podcasts): to save a copy of a file from the internet to your own device

3. Câu hỏi: Do you have your own computer?

Trả lời: Yes … I have a Macbook Pro … I use it all the time … for word processing … browsing websites and catching up with TV programmes I’ve missed.

  • word processing; producing written texts on a computer

  • to browse websites: to look at websites

Tải bản full từ vựng Technology tại đây:

XV. Town and City

1. Câu hỏi: What is it like where you live?

- Trả lời: I live in a residential area of a busy town in the south of Spain … we have all the facilities you need … good public transport … a good shopping centre … it’s nice …

  • shopping centre: an area consisting of multiple shops

  • residential area: an area where people live

2. Câu hỏi: Do you like living in the city?

- Trả lời: Yes I do … I like going out with my friends and there are lots of lively bars and restaurants within walking distance of my apartment … I’m a bit of a culture vulture as well so it’s great to have access to art exhibitions and that kind of thing …

  • lively bars/restaurants: bars or restaurants with a good atmosphere

3. Câu hỏi: Do you get many tourists visiting your area?

- Trả lời: Not really no … I live in the inner-city and the area is a little run down … it’s basically a lot of high-rise flats and many of the shops are boarded up … so nothing to interest tourists really …

  • high-rise flats: multi-story apartments

  • inner-city: the central part of a city where people live and where condidions are often poor

  • boarded up shops: shops that are no longer doing business

  • run down: old and of a poor standard

Tải bản full từ vựng Town and City tại đây:

XVI. Work

1. Câu hỏi: What do you do?

- Trả lời: I do a job-share with a friend in a boutique … I enjoy it … I like working with customers … unfortunately it’s only temporary work but one of the perks of the job is I get a discount on the clothes …

  • to do a job-share: to share the weekly hours of work with another person

  • one of the perks of the job: an extra benefit you get from a job

  • temporary work: work done for a limited time only

2. Câu hỏi: Do you have any career plans yet?

- Trả lời: Yes … I’d like to be my own boss one day … I’m interested in programming and I’d like to create apps for myself or for other companies … I know being self employed would be a challenge but the idea of doing a nine-to-five job doesn’t appeal to me at all …

  • to be self-employed: see ‘to be your own boss’

  • to be your own boss: to have your own business

  • a nine-to-five job: a normal job that consists of an 8 hour day (approximately)

3. Câu hỏi: What do you see yourself doing in 10 years time?

- Trả lời: I’d hope to be working … not a high-powered job … but I’m quite a creative person so something where I can work with my hands would be nice … as long as I’m not stuck behind a desk doing something boring  in a dead-end job I’ll be happy …

  • a high-powered job: an important or powerful job

  • to be stuck behind a desk: to be unhappy in an office job

  • a dead-end job: a job with no promotional opportunities

  • to work with your hands: to do manual work

Tải bản full từ vựng Town and City tại đây:

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